Professional Windshield Repair

RVA Glass is committed to providing professional windshield repair and other autoglass repair in a mobile, fast, and courteous manner. Our mobile auto glass repair services in the Richmond, VA area are lauded as some of the best windshield repair and mobile auto glass repair services in the area.

RVA Glass commits on providing professional windshield repair and other auto glass repair in a mobile, fast, and courteous manner. Our mobile auto glass repair services in the Richmond, VA area is lauded as one of the best in the area. We provide professional windshield repair and mobile auto glass repair services in the comfort of your home.

Windshield Crack Repair

There are a variety of reasons your windshield can get a crack in it. Especially during the winter, road conditions can become hazardous due to plowing and road construction. In fact, plows and other machinery used to maintain the tough road conditions during the winter months can kick up loose debris. This debris like rocks and other small detritus can cause severe damage to your windshield.

The other issue with winter weather is that the cold climate can exacerbate any small cracks that may already exist on your windshield. With rain freezing and then unfreezing, that moisture can enter the small cracks in your windshield and expand, forcing the windshield crack to expand. Once the crack is larger than about a quarter, the chip can no longer be repaired effectively, requiring a replacement of the vehicle windshield.

Contact RVA Glass today to get a free quote regarding professional windshield repair services or about any cracks that may have accumulated on your windshield before it requires a complete windshield replacement or other auto glass repair.

Windshield Replacement Process

We provide mobile windshield replacement in Richmond, Virginia and all of its surrounding counties. What the mobile windshield repair process deals with includes us gathering information about the vehicle we’re working on first. The car identification information you provide helps us know what materials we need to bring to the site. Once we know what type of windshield glass we need, we’ll travel to the location of the disabled vehicle. Then, begin the process.

First, we need to remove the old glass. We do this very carefully, making sure not to damage the frame of the windshield glass. The site then needs to be cleaned to provide a solid base for the new windshield adhesive to be applied. Any debris in this step can result in an ineffective seal. Luckily, our technicians are very skilled at preventing this problem.

After we have ensured the previous windshield was removed properly, we begin using our mobile windshield replacement arm to be able to maneuver the new windshield into place.

Once we are sure of a snug fit, we would apply adhesive and fit the new windshield in permanently. Ask our technicians when you see them if you are more curious about this entire process. They are very knowledgeable about all things professional windshield repair and auto glass repair related.

Lastly, RVA Glass provides a lifetime guarantee on the windshield replacement while the current owner owns the vehicle.

Car Window Repair

RVA Glass doesn’t only provide professional windshield repair services. We also provide car window repair services. Often, car windows breaks for a variety of reasons. When living in wooded areas or in cities with trees, adverse weather can blow branches around, causing damage. Many people who live in cities have at some point had their window broken into by a ne’er do well. Other times, breaking your own window can become very necessary, check out our other blog post about some situations where breaking your car windows from the inside may be necessary for your safety.

We repair all types of auto glass. So give us a call whenever you need to repair or replace your windshield or auto glass windows. RVA Glass will come to you as we are a fully mobile professional windshield repair service. We offer FREE quotes on repairs so do not hesitate to call or contact us. You can also follow us on Facebook for more information about what we’re up to on a regular basis.

Broken Windshield

Windshields can be turned into broken windshields using this 2-in-1 tool that also cuts seatbelts.

Why would I break the glass on a vehicle I just bought?

Broken windshields: Recently I had some first-hand experience on this topic.  Let me first introduce myself and a little background about my automotive experience.   I own and operate RVA Glass, a mobile auto glass shop. I have worked on cars for over 26 years and have operated my glass business for the past five years.  Let’s say that I am familiar with the inner workings of a vehicle auto glass and its variation, like the back of my hand.

I recently purchased a 1996 Bronco for a restoration project.  The vehicle has power windows and door locks as well as vent windows that open on the driver and passenger side door.  The rear glass moves up and down with an electric motor and window regulator. When I purchased the vehicle the seller told me the passenger door does not open from inside or outside and the driver door only opens from the outside latch.  The vehicle also needs a new battery. 

An honest mistake…


One Saturday night, I am working on another vehicle in my home garage and decided to move the Bronco.  It was after dark. All windows on the Bronco had been up so it was fairly warm that August night. My faithful dog always thinks I am going somewhere if a vehicle starts. So, I let her hop in the Bronco even though we were just moving the vehicle around the backyard.   I got in and slammed the door shut. I turned the key and nothing happened. Instantly, I realized I was trapped when I tried to open the door. I immediately recalled the previous owner telling me the inside door handle doesn’t work. I  just locked myself and the dog into a vehicle with the windows up.  Since the car battery was completely dead, I had no way to roll down the windows. 

Initially, my plan was to simply move the Bronco around the yard. Therefore, I left my cell phone in the garage.  I began to go through my options for my escape. The only thing I had with me was a small black flashlight.  First, I tried to open the front driver side window and reach the outside door latch. Unfortunately, my arms were not long enough to reach the handle. 

The Bronco needs a windshield but it is not an easy task to kick out a windshield, especially in shorts.  I would have cut my legs to pieces trying to kick through the layers. The windshield has an outer layer of glass, an inter-layer of PVC laminate, and another inner layer of glass.  Windshields stay together when broken. This particular feature prevents harm to the driver or passengers after an unexpected incident. Tempered glass is hard and tough, but breaks into many pieces when shattered.

Breaking the driver-side door glass.

All the other glass on the Bronco is tempered glass.  Kicking a tempered glass out can be done, but it demands much force. It could definitely cause severe cuts on the leg.  I decided to try and use the flashlight to bust out the driver-side door glass. Eventually, I broke the glass after a few strikes.  This ended up being better than a broken windshield.

On Star and cell phones are great, but when you only have seconds to escape you need a faster option.  This incident got me thinking about all sorts of scary scenarios. Imagine being trapped in your car in water with no way to roll down or break the window.  They make a tool that emergency responders carry that is readily available to the public. Here is an example of a glass-breaking tool and seat belt cutter 2 in 1 tool

We always want our customers to be as safe as possible. Please stay safe and be prepared! For more information and stories like this, please follow us on Facebook.

Windshield identification: save time by knowing your windshield.

Windshield identification leads to knowing what features come with your windshield auto glass. Pictured is a vehicle with a rain detector system.

Windshield identification is essential to every windshield replacement. Many of the windshields installed in new model cars have various safety and ease of use features. These make the driving experience exponentially better and safer for the driver.

If your windshield needs to be repaired or replaced, it is good to know what features come with your windshield. It’s also essential that your auto glass technician knows of any and all features that come with your windshield. Let your technician know when you get your windshield replaced. They can help reconnect all of these features for you (if you have them).

So, let’s start identifying your windshield features!

Rain Sensor

This is a wiper setting that will activate wipers when the sensor detects water outside the glass.  The rain sensor detects the amount of light reflected back into it by the windshield glass. Basically, the more rain droplets that are on the windshield, the less light will reach the sensor. This triggers the mechanism that turns on the windshield wipers.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

This option alerts the driver if the vehicle drifts out of it’s respective lane. Either audibly or vibration in the steering wheel or seat.  Lane departure warning systems work by having a low-cost camera typically mounted in the windshield near the rear view mirror. It continuously detects the lane markings on the road ahead. When it senses that the vehicle is moving outside of the lanes, some react by steering away from the closest lane edge. Other versions can also actively keep the vehicle centered in the lane. This safety feature usually involve three main categories: warning, assist, and self-centering.

Forward Collision Alert

This option is usually a feature alerts the driver if they are to close to the vehicle or object in front of them.  This alert system is active when the vehicle is in the drive gear. The camera mounted in the windshield uses long, mid, and short range radar to detect objects ahead of the vehicle. Usually there is some type of warning system indicated on a heads-up display (HUD). When a vehicle is detected ahead and you are at a safe distance, often the system displays a green following icon. Otherwise, the system will display a yellow/amber icon if you are following too closely (tailgating). And when you are potentially about to crash into an object of vehicle, the system will display a flashing red icon. Oftentimes, it includes some type of haptic feedback in the driver’s seat or steering wheel.

Heated Wiper Park

A heated wiper park area is also an option on some windshields.  They are heating elements built into the glass where your wipers sit in the rest position.  This feature helps keep the wipers from icing up in winter weather.  This feature can greatly improve your windshield wiper’s ability to maintain good visibility in cold climates or inclement weather associated with snow or ice.

Windshield Identification methods

When I ask a customer if they have these features a typical response is I have no idea.  You can save yourself some time and frustration in the windshield replacement process by using one of the options below. 

In the bottom left, right or center there will be information about the windshield in very small black letters.  If the windshield has been replaced with an aftermarket windshield, it will have a series of 2 letters followed by 4 numbers.  For example, if a Honda Civic has had the windshield replaced with an AFTER MARKET windshield, it will start with a FW for Foreign Windshield followed by 4 numbers XXXX. So a foreign manufactured vehicle would read similar to this FW2405.   If the vehicle were a Ford F-150 the AFTER MARKET numbers will start with a DW for Domestic Windshield.  So it may read something like DW1668GTY.

If the windshield has never been replaced and still has the O.E.M. windshield that came from the manufacturer the numbers will be different. Regardless of the windshield type, one of the easiest ways to figure out which windshield you have is to place a piece of white or yellow paper and tape it behind the writing on the bottom of the windshield from the inside of the car.  Take a picture with your phone and text or email it to the auto glass shop.  The email for RVA Glass is or text 804-519-4218 with the black writing on the lower left, middle, or right side of the windshield.  

You can also send the Vehicle Identification Number but sometimes it still shows several different windshields for the same vehicle so windshield identification can be difficult with glass supplier websites.  When all else fails we call the dealership to find out what windshield options if any came on the vehicle. 

Final notes

It may seem as though the glass professional is asking you a bunch of irrelevant questions but it is to positively identify the correct windshield replacement part(s) ahead of time.  If the glass technician brings the wrong windshield it could mean a re-schedule for the customer causing a longer wait for the windshield replacement. 

By all means give us a call if you have questions.  We are happy to answer questions and educate you on how the process works. You can also get in touch with us on facebook or by filling out our contact form on this website.

Our humble business is licensed and insured. Plus, we offer a lifetime warranty against windshield leaks or defect in craftsmanship. RVA Glass would be more than happy to provide you exceptional service. 

Windshield repair costs: newer vehicle auto glass is more expensive.

SUV that had a windshield repair performed on it.

Windshield repair costs on newer vehicles often are higher than those that are a few years older. New model vehicles made from 2017 to 2019 have more expensive windshields since after-market glass is not available yet. Windshields purchased from the vehicle manufacturer typically cost two to three times the price of after-market glass.

After-market glass is built to the same specifications and meets the same safety requirements as the dealer or O.E.M.(original equipment manufacturer) glass. Unfortunately, auto glass manufacturers want to make as much money off of the products they make for your vehicle. They know that their brand has weight with their customers. It makes more sense to keep your windshield repair costs as low as possible. After all, after-market glass bears the same quality and specifications.

Typically, insurance companies require after-market glass to be used unless O.E.M. glass is requested by the customer or glass technician.  Insurance company also wants to save money by not spending on the more expensive (and similar) auto glass product. With RVA Glass, we give you all the freedom to decide which specific kind of glass you prefer. So, feel free to choose the option that best suits your desires and budget.

Some customers use their comprehensive insurance to cover an expensive glass claim requiring O.E.M. glass. Other customers choose to pay out of pocket for their windshield replacement. If you do decide to use RVA Glass services, we specialize in insurance glass claims and out-of-pocket windshield repair. We work with most of the major auto glass insurers. Be sure to read our FAQ to know the difference between paying out of pocket for windshield replacement, or paying your deductible.

Our Windshield Repair Service

RVA Glass provides FREE mobile service for your windshield replacement as long you live in Richmond VA and other surrounding areas including Chesterfield, Midlothian, Mechanicsville, Bon Air, North Chesterfield, Chester, Short Pump, Glen Allen, and Henrico. We also provide our services during crisis season. 

Some of the most common vehicles we replace glass for include the Jeep Wrangler, Toyota RAV-4, Ford Fusion, Subaru Outback, Subaru Forester, Honda CRV. We work on many other vehicles as well. Thus, it is best to call or contact us to figure out if our services could help you with your windshield repair needs.

To keep your windshield repair costs low and to ensure you get only the best and most professional and friendly of service, you can visit our Facebook, call or text us at (804) 519-4218.

Alternatively, contact us about quotes for your windshield or general auto glass needs.  Didn’t find what you are looking for? Check our FAQ page

Windshield cracks spread due to pressure from rain.

Windshield cracks spread due to pressure from rain.

Windshield cracks can spread due to warm weather and rain pressure as well as cold weather. Although it is starting to be very warm, we can still expect rain and other extreme weather to play a significant factor in damaging your windshield, especially if it already has cracks in it. If you have a small windshield chip,  the pressure from rain could send a long crack across your windshield. Before you give the opportunity for rain to further damage your windshield, contact us to repair your chip.  

Once the crack has spread out past a couple of inches, a windshield replacement will be required, costing you more money in repairs. Call RVA Glass today and schedule your windshield repair before it is too late.

Severe Weather

It is also possible that severe weather associated with the change in seasons can cause branches from trees or other debris to smash through your auto glass. Often, this type of damage must be repaired extremely quickly. At RVA Glass, we can assure fast, mobile service to anywhere in the Greater Richmond area.

Lifetime Warranty

RVA Glass backs windshield chip repairs with a lifetime warranty. Windshield replacements also carry a lifetime warranty against windshield leaks. Don’t let your insurance company direct you into using their company just so they can get a reduced rate at your expense. RVA Glass provides the same warranties as the big brands but offers an unbeatable local service guarantee.

Quality Customer Service

See our reviews on Google and compare us to the big-name windshield companies. We strive on maintaining our record of customer-first-oriented service. Our history of commitment to our customers translates to you getting the best service and value for your dollar.

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Auto Glass Damage Types

There are many different types of auto glass damage that can occur to your vehicle.  These damages are a result of small debris that is kicked up by car tires, or debris that falls off the back of other vehicles while traveling at a high rate of speed. We’ll examine the different types of damages and see what is the best course of action: repair or replacement. 

Most common auto glass damage types:

Chip – This type of damage is the most common. It is usually caused by a rock or other small debris colliding with the windshield while driving. Often, a small piece of the impacted area comes loose which creates the chip impact. Auto glass is designed to break into very small fragments so that when it breaks, the chances of it causing secondary damages (cuts mainly) are very low. Chipped windshields are traditionally easy to repair. However, if left unattended, chips can turn into cracks which may require replacement instead of repair.

Bull’s Eye – This type of damage is usually caused by a slightly larger object than that found in chip damages. Circular in shape and larger than a chip, often it can be repaired depending on the size. If too much glass has been compromised or the bull’s eye is too large, replacement may be necessary. 

Combination Break – This type of auto glass damage is defined by multiple features already discussed. Combination breaks can feature an assortment of chips, dings, or cracks. Depending on the size of the impact and how deep the damage is sustained in the glass, the repair is possible. Often these types of damages can lead to windshield replacement being necessary. 

Edge Crack – An edge crack starts within a few inches of the edge of your windshield or directly at the edge of the windshield. This damage’s onset is typically instantaneous and often requires windshield replacement to rectify. 

Auto glass damage required a replacement. RVA Glass was able to meet the client's needs in record time.
When a car’s windshield suffered a combination break, the type of damage it sustained required a windshield replacement. RVA Glass LLC met the client at their work for a quick and easy replacement. 


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For more information about this topic, please consult the Auto Glass Safety Council Standard. They deal with all matter of specifications for auto glass repair and replacement standards.

Affordable windshield repair & replacement

When your windshield gets a chip or a crack in it, your first thought is probably: “why me and why now?” Fear not! At RVA Glass LLC, we are able to provide affordable windshield repair & replacement quickly and safely so that you can get back to your normal routine quicker. We will come repair or replace your windshield at your office, home, or anywhere else you will need. Expect an immediate and convenient service.

Many of our competitors will charge an arm and a leg for the same service. Being a small business, we will be able to tailor your service to fit exactly your needs. We will not be rushing off to meet corporate-imposed quotas. Providing service for you, at your convenience, is our mission. We aim to deliver that to you every day of the week, rain or shine.

We work diligently to get you the best price possible and we can provide free expertise to help you understand your options.

Our technicians are prompt and professional, and will always be fair and honest. Rest assured, when you choose RVA Glass, you will be ecstatic with the outcome. That is, cheap windshield repair & replacement, wherever you might be.

Cheap windshield repair & replacement would solve this problem easily.

If you need a quick, professional, and affordable windshield repair & replacement, drop us a line for a free consultation. Let us help you get mobile again.

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