What Type of Windshield do I Need?

Which windshield is best for my car?

Windshields (or windscreens) are part of a vehicle, either an aircraft, automobile, or water vehicle. It acts as a front window pane that provides visibility while protecting those who are occupying the area behind the glass. There are several types of windshields, and each has its particular use.

Types of windshield glass

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Glass

This windshield is quite different from the aftermarket glass. This windshield originates from the manufacturer itself. Since it came initially from the direct supplier, the tests it underwent are precisely honed for your car’s performance and safety and genuinely certified.

The downside of this type of windshield glass is the price. A replacement unit can cost up to 60% more than an aftermarket windshield.

Aftermarket Windshield Glass 

Aftermarket products suggest a non-brand/generic model replacement, and in the case of windshields the glass is largely presumed to be equal to OEM glass. The specific location of origin is presumably unknown, and overseas purchase is likely possible. 

Unlike the two other types of the windshield, this one is on the lower side of the price chain. Make sure if you are purchasing this windshield, it is from the same region as you and complies with your state’s standard. 

Dealer windshield glass

Initially, the vehicle manufacturers give dealers authorization to provide windshields other than the direct to OEM supplier and resell it under the car brand the dealer is patronizing or in-car specialty choice or brand stores.

What are the types of glass for windshield use?

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is also known as security glass, and is specially made for the protection and safety of the driver at all times.

This glass provides a safety system to prevent the windshield from breaking due to any unexpected blows.

Mainly produced with a thin sheet of clear PVB or only-vinyl butyrate tempered glass, laminated glass also strengthens the support structure of the car frame to help keep the roof from buckling. It also enables the passenger airbag to deploy correctly and is intended to prevent passengers from improper ejection from the vehicle.

Tempered Glass

This type of windshield glass undergoes a process through a unique chemical and thermal process. This process creates a resistance that is above average to that of standard glass, however if tempered glass is to break, it can certainly create dangerous fragments for the occupants of the car. Some countries have banned this type of windshield glass.

In Summary

Windshields are an essential part of a vehicle that offers protection from the outside elements. It can be OEM, or come from a dealer or an aftermarket supplier. As a cautious and responsible vehicle owner, it is your responsibility to  maintain the quality and integrity of your windshield. If you need help choosing the most suitable windshield at the best price point possible, please do not hesitate to give us a call or fill out our contact form for a free quote: https://rvaglassrepair.com/contact/

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