Windshield repair insurance companies prefer to use their glass installers.

Windshield repair insurance companies prefer to use their own glass installers because it saves them a lot of money. Insurance providers are able to save themselves money by only offering discounts through their auto glass contractors. By saving a little money across thousands of insurance claims, insurance companies can make money by charging their consumer more.

These companies will even go so far as to tell their smaller, independent glass partners that they cannot offer discounts to consumers. This encourages auto glass business to go to their larger contracted companies, allowing the insurance provider to save more money. Effectively, they help monopolize the auto glass market for those companies willing to play ball with them. This ensures the companies (and not the customers) get the best deal for the money paid.

Insurance companies also warn customers that the independent auto glass providers will not warranty their work if there is an issue with the installation. This is not true, because glass companies must sign a contract stating that they will guarantee any and all work they do for an insurance company.

It will save you money to know who has your best interest at heart. Would you rather give your windshield repair work to a multi-billion dollar glass company that monopolizes the glass market or support a small, local business that knows you by name when you call?

Tell your insurance company you want RVA Glass: a mobile, small, independently owned, friendly and professional business to do your windshield repair work. Call or text 804-519-4218 to speak to the owner/professional glass installer. Or, you can call the others guys to get a long-winded recording with a 10 option phone que that take 15 minutes just to reach a person.

Also, you can drop us a line by going to our contact page. We will get back to on the same day (less than 24 hours). Or, you can visit us on our facebook page for quick messaging features.

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