Windshield crack: cold turns small chips into problems.

Having a few small chips in your windshield might not seem like a big deal. After all, they generally just sit there for months on end, staying the same size, and are so small they don’t mess up your line of sight or seem to cause any other issues. However, there is an underlying problem to allowing cracks to remain in your windshield glass, and that’s because, due to a number of factors, even the smallest crack can split and turn into a massive windshield crack that ruins your windshield in a mere instant.

There are a few factors that can lead to this happening, and many of them are related to winter and summer (extreme temperatures), and other inclement weather. As strong as windshields seem and are made to be, micro-chips and small “stress cracks” can seriously compromise the integrity of your glass. Moisture is a major culprit, as it can seep into even the *tiniest* cracks, and once it freezes it will expand and likely spread any small chip into a full blown massive crack. Similarly, atmospheric pressure and extreme temperatures can cause a strain on your auto glass that can cause serious damage. Just a few inches of snow or ice adding extra weight and pressure, or highly increased temperatures of the glass from the sun on an extra hot summer day, can all be the cause of a small chip spreading in mere seconds into a massive crack. That means you’ve just gone from something once easily reparable into needing a full-blown windshield replacement.

Be sure to do yourself a favor and get small chips repaired. This can spare you the need to get a full-blown windshield replacement down the road (which can be a huge inconvenience when you least expect it) and save future-you a massive headache.

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