Water leaks, rain, sunroofs, and mold: a bad combination

With all the recent rain we have had in Richmond VA, it has brought some unwanted guests– water leaks and mold/mildew. At first, it is easy to blame water leaks on your windshields. But, are you aware that sunroofs could be the sneaky culprit?

RVA Glass received several calls for leaking windshields. Most of the time, the windshield is not to blame, unfortunately. Water leaks like this one are from the sunroof’s drain holes being clogged. Thus it is important to do some diagnostics before you assume your windshield needs replacing. Otherwise, you could have a new windshield and the same leak.

Here’s what you can do if you discover your vehicle has water inside:
  1. The first thing to do is get the water out. Use a shop vacuum to suck out the majority of the water.
  2. Placing a dehumidifier in the vehicle and running it will help remove water and prevent mold. If you do not have a dehumidifier, be sure to run the air conditioning in your vehicle for a couple of hours to help pull out the moisture.
  3. Be careful using bleach to kill mold as it will bleach stain fabrics and carpet. 
  4. Call your local auto glass technician to find and fix the source of a water leak.

    If you have water leaks in your vehicle, contact RVA Glass LLC for your windshield, rear/side glass, and sunroof repair or replacement. We offer a FREE quote and mobile service for all your auto glass repair needs.

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Water leaks cause mold and mildew, contact us for a free quote for repair.


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