How does the windshield rock chip repair process work?

Windshield chip repair works a bit like magic.   The windshield chip repair process is the same even for different equipment.
First the machine draws a vacuum on the crack by removing all the air. Once a vacuum is pulled, resin is then gravity fed into the crack. The windshield is then pressurized to force the resin out into the ends of the crack. This process seals off the crack, preventing the crack from spreading. The repair will still be noticeable, but the point is to save the windshield. If the damage to your glass is directly in front of your field of vision then you should consider a windshield replacement.
Generally, if the crack is too large, a windshield replacement may be necessary. An easy way to tell is if the crack or chip spans more than the width of a regular quarter.
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The windshield chip repair process at work.
The windshield chip repair process at work.

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